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This laboratory led by Dr. Wei-Cheng Lo has long been utilizing computer science for biological and medical research. The name 10Lab stands for the digital science (1 & 0) lab of Dr. Lo (lower case: lo).

Recent research interests:
Protein structure prediction, Antibody drug design, Protein engineering technique development, Biofuel
蛋白質結構預測, 抗體藥物設計, 新型蛋白質工程技術開發, 生質能源

Recent lectures:
Parallel computation, Artificial intelligence algorithm development, Golang programming
平行運算, 人工智慧演算法開發, Go 程式設計

Computational Structural Biology

With the assistance of computer science, we are exploring the world by studying the structure and function of biological molecules like proteins and DNA. Our lab is devoted to developing algorithms and computational systems applicable to protein structure prediction, drug design, protein engineering, biofuel production, and environmental protection. Several state-of-the-art web services and novel databases of computational biology have marked us a creative and energetic digital lab.

Computational Structural Biology

Medical Science & Health Care

We are interested in computer-aided drug design and have focus our energy on the development of antibody-based drugs for cancers and metabolic syndrome. Dr. Lo, the chief of our lab, has been teaching metabolism and health care for years. Some of his lectures and teaching materials that may be good references for health self-management are available at this page.

Medical Science and Health Care

Ecology & Environmental Protection

The lifelong cause of Dr. Lo is ecological conservation and environmental protection. Hence, the ultimate goal of the 10Lab is to condense our knowledge and scientific, industrial, and financial resources on species recovery and environment protection. In the near future, several collaborating biotech companies will help us establish a fund for our cause. Dr. Lo has been teaching ecology and environmental protection for years, some valuable pictures of endangered species and his teaching materials can be found here.

Ecology and Environmental Protection